Membership Benefits

Membership in VDES Alliance shows that your business is engaged in the latest technology developments and/or application developments. Joining VDES Alliance benefits your operations with access to expert knowledge as well as networking opportunities in a collaborative environment with many global experts. Your company can engage in leadership roles to help drive VDES technology and application advancements.

Type of Membership :

Contributing Membership: Designed mainly for commercial contributors, equipment producers, large scale integrators, shipping companies offering test ships, shore authorities actively integrating VDES inshore infrastructure and services, maritime application providers and similar enterprises.

Features of Contributing Membership:

  • Develop, test, and certify products using VDES technologies.
  • Participate and contribute in VDES Alliance Marketing and Technical Task Groups.
  • Benefits can be extended to the affiliates upon agreement with the founding members.
  • Voting rights at General Assemblies (one vote per member).
  • Promote your products and solutions here.
  • Publish links or papers on VDES alliance.

EUR 1500/Annually

Pro rated quarterly for new members.

Observer Membership: Designed for Non-Industrial Observers like Maritime Security organisations, governmental, Non Governmental organizations and Inter Governmental organizations such as IALA, Coast Guards etc.

Features of Observer Membership:

  • Benefits can be extended to the affiliates upon agreement with the founding members.
  • Receive newsletters.
  • Participate in General Assemblies.
  • Access to VDES Alliance internal documents.
  • Inside knowledge on companies fulfilling test levels “Test Level 1”.

EUR 750/Annually

Pro rated quarterly for new members.

Process to Join us :

1) Carefully read the Membership Agreement and Articles of Association under Governance.
2)  Submit completed Membership Application.
3) Get your application approved by the Board of Directors.
4) Wait up to 2 weeks for the invoice.
5) Pay membership invoice.