Who we are


The VDES-Alliance strives to be a global association consisting of maritime authorities, organizations and industry members, who cooperate in testing and promoting the use of VHF Data Exchange (VDES) technologies.

VDES is a much faster AIS with terrestrial VDE and global coverage with satellite VDE. The VDES Alliance drives global VDES integration and testing efforts to enable services facilitated by VDES to be used by as many stakeholders as possible as soon as possible.

In order to help VDES adoption in the maritime world, the VDES alliance members also cooperate on marketing of the VDES technology.


Interoperability between all industries in the maritime sector of connectivity on the globe.


  • Being a non-profit alliance of stakeholders interested in making VDES a success.
  • Providing common marketing resources for VDES as a technology.
  • Providing the missing links that are not yet covered by IALA, ITU, IMO or other international and governmental organizations, which are as of today:
    1. assignment of VDE-Sat network ID
    2. assignment of VDE-Sat SAT ID
    3. to temporarily implement PKI for signing of VDE bulletin boards until an intergovernmental organization takes over.
  • Organize Inter Operability Tests (IOTs) between the members and publish the results and findings, both on the air- and presentation interface.
  • Support the harmonization of new VDES applications
  • Stand aligned in patent issues.
  • Help alignment on the understanding of the related standards by collecting, organizing review and providing mutually approved reference data to the VDES-Alliance members.